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AfriForum Jeug besoek inwoners van Geluksoord

AfriForum Jeug se Maties-tak het op 2 Mei 2019 besluit om aan die gemeenskap terug te gee deur die Geluksoord-tehuis vir verswakte bejaardes te besoek. Die tehuis se finansiële posisie is nie die uitdaging nie, maar wel die menslike aspek. Die meeste van die pasiënte...

AfriForum Youth’s Maties branch cleans Jan Marais Nature Reserve

On 2 August 2018 AfriForum Youth’s Maties branch cleaned up the Jan Marais Nature Reserve at the University of Stellenbosch (US) and did general maintenance work to create a healthy and safe environment for students. The Jan Marais Nature Reserve celebrates its 103rd...

AfriForum Jeug se Maties-tak hou selfverdedigingwerkswinkel

AfriForum Jeug se Maties-tak het op 22 Augustus 2019 ’n selfverdedigingwerkswinkel gehou. C.O.B.R.A. Self Defense het dié werkswinkel vir die studente aangebied. “AfriForum Jeug beskou die studente se veiligheid as ons eerste prioriteit. Verskeie studente was oor die...

What can we do for you?

  1. We offer you training opportunities that you can add to your CV.
  2. We ensure your safety on campus. During protest action we hold the university management responsible and can quickly evacuate our members from campus. Moreover, we offer training in self-defence.
  3. We fight for the preservation of a healthy student life. We therefore invite our members to social events, for example pot-and-punch and beerpong evenings, which the branch arranges among others. We also offer our own type of intervarsity: Boerspitus.
  4. We take a stand against unfair discrimination in your classes and on campus in general. Our members can therefore bring their problems to our attention, and we find out how we can represent these members. Academic or hostel problems can also be brought to our attention.
  5. We will oppose any changes to university policies that will affect our members negatively, as we are the voice for our members.
  6. We offer various opportunities for hikes and personal development.
  7. We offer you a safe environment in which students can take a stand themselves and build their own futures.

We need your inputs to ensure that things run as smoothly as they can. Do you know of something that we don’t? Please tell us!

Juandre de Bruyn

Juandre de Bruyn

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